An advertising blogfolio. Alan Burles I guess one should begin at the beginning and funnily enough, there is a beginning of sorts. My uncle was MD of an ad agency in Bristol and 2 years after school and still not knowing what to do, I spent a week there late one summer. I liked it. It made me think advertising was something I could do and that if I could get into an art school I could learn how to do it. But it was nearly October and we were three weeks into that academic year. Ooops. But (as I was to learn at Saatchi’s) nothing is impossible right? So I started calling all the art schools but was getting the same answer every time: ‘Sorry, the course is full.’ Then I called Manchester Poly which, quite extraordinarily did a Graphics/Advertising degree course, exactly what I wanted: ‘Oh, hello, yes, funny you should call, a chap did start the term but 
he just left to be goalkeeper for Stockport County, why don’t 
you pop up for an interview...’
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